Kill the Duck

Kill the Duck

Relive old school gaming with new controls


  • Simple gameplay


  • Repetitive

Not bad

Fans of 8-bit gaming will find a lot of enjoy with Kill the Duck.

Kill the Duck is fan service to old 8-bit gaming. Taking cues from one of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Kill the Duck adds a new touch to the classic Duck Hunter formula.

Players are required to shoot ducks out of the air while avoiding harming doves in pursuit of reaching a necessary score to move to the next level. Each level in Kill the Duck contains a timer countdown, requiring players to accurately take out the ducks in the level.

In the beginning, it is not too difficult to reach the required score. In later levels, ducks and doves overlap and precise touch aiming is necessary.

Since Kill the Duck pulls from an older visual style, there is not much in terms of fancy graphics and focuses on the simple gameplay. Even lacking a soundtrack, Kill the Duck is a pick-up-and-play title that does not contain a huge amount of depth.

Kill the Duck is a simple, free game that is fun in the beginning; but could get lost with more sophisticated apps.

New "Funny" game mode! Some bugs were fixed and added new sounds.


  • New "Funny" game mode! Some bugs were fixed and added new sounds.
Kill the Duck


Kill the Duck

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